rent a car in Dubai during COVID-19

Renting a car from MTN and wondering your reservation might be affected by coronavirus? Here’s the latest info on what services will be provided by MTN Car Rental. Check how safe it is to rent a car in Dubai during COVID-19 Pandemic.

MTN, the Luxury Car rental in Dubai, launched this post to provide reliable information on the COVID-19 situation in Dubai, UAE. To show our customers the procedures that MTN takes to keep them safe and informed about the needed to assist them during this situation.

Rent a car in Dubai during COVID-19 Pandemic

Stay up-to-date during COVID-19. MTN reminds you to always assess the credibility of the sources before reading or sharing any information. Check the Ministry of Health and Prevention and Dubai Health Authority services. Also, visit the UAE Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates on the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority’s website.

Your health and safety of the community are paramount to MTN

At MTN – Rent A Car, we offer additional protection to Rent a car in Dubai during COVID-19 Pandemic. we follow very high safety measures in place to keep our team and customers safe. Check our services below,

  • Full Car Wash and Steam Sanitization to disinfect the whole car.
  • Cleaning from the Steering Wheel to the Tires before the car delivery.
  • Also Sanitizer Spray or Gel, Wipes, Gloves.
  • A Face Mask for our customers.

All these services are Free of Charge. Plus MTN encourages using online check-in and online payments. Rent a car in Dubai during COVID-19 using the modern POT to make payment safely. Keep minimizing contact and risk during COVID-19 Pandemic.

Our team will follow the same protection level while free Delivery or Pick up. They are wearing gloves and mask to give you a 100% sanitized car and make it top safe to enjoy your luxury rental.

Rent a car in Dubai during COVID-19

Bookmark this post to come back. Have full information about how to rent a car in Dubai during COVID-19 Pandemic. Also, read how to Rent a Luxury Car in Dubai during this coronavirus situation.

MTN encouraging the team and customer to keep windows open for 10 minutes after delivering the car.

Please inform us if any symptoms, we will quarantine the car after delivery. When the quarantine period is over, we will make sure that the car is fully sanitized before we rent it out again.

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