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Rent a car that helps advertise photo shoots or video shoots for your company in Dubai. Have a glance at our MTN car rental services. Most of our photoshoot & video shoot car rental services are available for hourly, daily, and weekly rates. And, these will help you add flair to your shoot.

Get our photoshoot & video shoot
Exortic, Luxury and Super Car Rental in UAE

Once you let one of the luxury or sports cars to get photoshoots and video shoots, we guarantee that it will likely be maintained and look great in your photos! We are offering photoshoot & video shoot car rental for TV, films, adverts, music video & Corporate use.

Arranging a photoshoot or video shoot, new music, or even a movie shoot has a lot of functions. MTN – Rent A Car desire to create your car rental experience easy and flexible to meet your needs.

Want to give a special touch to your photos?

Renting a luxury, sports, or an exotic car from us will certainly guarantee you that! We have a wide variety of customized luxury cars, sports cars, and a large variety of other vehicles for photoshoot and video shoot car rental.

MTN rent a car ensures you that you can rent a car from us for photoshoots or video shoots without having any worries. We love working to deliver a camera-worthy performance from any of our luxury vehicles or selection of classic cars. Let’s get our photoshoot & video shoot car rental in Dubai, UAE.

Rent a car & arrange your photoshoot like a celebrity in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We also offer the best quality services each time for our customers. Because we deal with a large number of car brands in Dubai. Our company always allows its customers to rent cars on their requirements for temporary and long term hire. Check our Available Cars to Rent Some Promotions.

Why MTN is the best car rental in Dubai?


Exceptional Service


Value Rental Rates


Long-Terms Rental

30 Min.

Fast Delivery in Dubai

Exclusive Fleet

Unique Cars


Airport Transfer

We will make sure you have the best experience of a lifetime in the luxury/sports car of your choice. Your convenience is paramount to us, and we ensure that you find the car you are looking for. Get your luxury car at your door at any time. Call us now!

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