Whenever you rent a vehicle in Dubai, you need to be sure insurance covers you completely. Luxury car rental insurance in Dubai is a type of insurance that protects you and your car or vehicle against the odds while On the Road. It will take care of all of the expenses incurred because of sudden events such as theft, accident, accidents, and third-party liability.

Sports, exotic, and luxury car rental insurance in Dubai

According to mandatory insurance law in the UAE all the cars should have the minimum insurance liability which called third-party liability or insured against others this will cover any damage caused by others to your car.

You have to know that very few car rental companies/agencies offer full coverage of luxury car insurance in Dubai, UAE. Here are the main questions asked by tourist and customer come to rent Luxury Sports and Exotic cars in Dubai:

Yes. MTN offers full-coverage luxury car rental insurance in Dubai and UAE. We all understand that hiring a vehicle will often be a confusing experience, especially when there’s an absence of awareness on the inclusion and exclusions of coverage and services. In MTN, we try harder to offer our clients the most comfortable and safest experience possible.

Yes, following the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA); Car rental must have three basic types of coverage to be on the road. That is Damage cover, Theft cover, and Third-Party cover. And all of our cars are completely insured and ready to drive.

According to the UAE mandatory vehicle insurance law. All cars must be insured before driving on the roads. Therefore, all vehicles, whether private or public, are insured in a way or another according to the type of the chosen insurance for these vehicles. So also the rental company has to have insured cars also.

As mentioned before, Car Insurance is mandatory by the law, so it is the rental company’s responsibility to give you an insured car. Any car without insurance is a violation, and the fine will be on the company, not the renter.

If you have rented a car with third party insurance or, the rented car insurance policy, you can ask the company. To change the car or to buy additional insurance to top up what your contract comes with, add full insurance coverage to the rental contract.

Before you rent a car in Dubai, it is worth reviewing the policy in your contract. Especially if you want to rent a luxury car, sports car, or exotic car in Dubai. Dubai streets are perfect to drive these cars, and the only one who understands the answer to this question is that you.

You need to make sure that you are covered by the rental contract when you rent these cars.

Your rental contract and also the insurance policy will cover both liability and damage to others.

Other policy alternatives, cover damage to the car. injuries to some other person or damage to theft or property besides the rental car are included in luxury car contracts with some deductible.

MTN strongly recommended that you read the rental contract. If people haven’t added or identified as an added driver with or without any accident then the contract should violate.

The rental contract liability insurance will not be cover you. You are going to be in charge of any damage to the rental vehicle. The driver will probably soon be liable for any injury or accidents he or she causes. Since he failed to have the permission of this company to drive the vehicle. He may cover under his insurance, or not.

Do not let anyone other than yourself or an authorized additional driver drive the rental car.

LDW/CDW insurance and Rental car insurance shifts all responsibility from the renter to the rental company. With LWD & CDW, you can know you are fully covered while on your contract. To decide whether or not you need to purchase CDW or LDW insurance is a personal choice in which you have to balance the potential risk against the additional costs.

What MTN covered for luxury car rental insurance in Dubai?

MTN – Rent A Car will give full Insured vehicle, not just against others according to the UAE law, but all our luxury cars have full insurance. Without comprehensive insurance, you will not rent some vehicles.

Insurance doesn’t cover special cases. Eg., without limitation:

  • The renter/driver during the period of the rental sublets the vehicle without the written consent of the lessor.
  • The driver/renter is under the effect of alcohol or drugs when he a crash.
  • If an unauthorized driver drives the car.

Each vehicle’s insurance will be subject to the insurance regulations and UAE law. And Special insurance type available on request for extra charges. Also, check our Rental Policy page.

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